Stoma Bag vs Social Life – Telling Friends About My Stoma

Stoma Bag Vs Social Life – Telling Friends About My Stoma

Before and after my stoma bag

Thinking back to before I had my stoma bag, I was always such a social butterfly; going to gigs every month or so, out with friends every weekend. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it. I rarely go on nights out now, my lifestyle is very different.

I remember my first outing with my friends after getting my stoma bag - I was so thin that the friends who I hadn’t seen in months were shocked.

Honesty is the best policy

From the beginning I was open about my bag. I told my friends straight out what had happened to me, what it actually is and how it works. Everyone was just curious; thankfully I didn’t get any negative comments. I was open about it in person and online- so much so that Bizarre Magazine got in contact with me to do a telephone interview. I had a little story about my bag published in the mag. and online in July 2010, 6 months after surgery. 

My friends are always there for me

My friends have always been so understanding about my bag- my boyfriend more than anyone. They have been patient with me when I’ve been ill and there for me if I’ve ever had a bad day. I have never known such a lovely bunch of people! My bag is always something to talk about, even at work. I talk about my toilet habits more than most people - definitely TMI - but if you can’t laugh about it, what can you do?

Inconvenient leaks when out and about

I have had a fair few mishaps with my stoma bag whilst out and at work. Here’s a short list of my most inconvenient leaks-

  • On holiday in Tenerife whilst on a day out.
  • On the tube in London.
  • At a gig, whilst my favourite song was on. Typical.
  • Food shopping.
  • At work, when I stupidly forgot to pack spare bags!

    At the time, those leaks felt like the worst thing ever but I quickly learnt to get over them and that things would resume as normal. I’m extra careful with carrying spares, though, now. 

    Good preparation minimizes any impact

    Overall, I have to admit that my stoma bag does have an impact on my social life - of course it does - but it’s not something that I feel is necessarily negative. I’m more cautious about preparation, particularly in-case I were to have a leak. And if I go out for a curry (which I do a lot!), I make sure to wear something floaty…to avoid taking someone’s eye out with a ballooned bag!

    I feel that if you are prepared, definitely stocked up (it’s always worth double checking!) and are feeling great then you are ready for anything- so go out there and have a brilliant time! Enjoy yourself. I know I definitely feel a lot better for having my bag.

    If you have been in any social situations with your bag, positive or negative, leave a comment below and let me know :)

    "My friends have always been so understanding about my bag- my boyfriend more than anyone" - Carrie

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    by Carrie Caines

    Carrie Caines

    About the author

    My name is Caz. I'm a twenty something, blue haired pizza lover. I have a permanent Ileostomy named Krang. I’m going to be blogging about things that matter to me, as a young ileostomate – because not only old people have stomas!

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    • Lauren

      I love this girl so much. She's such a brave, inspirational person and I admire her for that. I've loved the fact that she is so open about her bag and gets on with life as she should. Caz's bag doesn't bother me one bit, it's the person I care for. Keep it real girl! X

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    • carol tafari

      Stoma bags I am still getting my head around this I have had my 9months

    • carol tafari

      Is there anyone out there' that has had problems with going back to work I have been waiting four months to get back to work

    • Kareem

      Keep the good inspiration of life up you really show how to battle and live happy life despite challenges . Your real inspiration to people. may God reward u for that and may your hereafter be filled with massive rewards .

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