My Fantasy Super Stoma – Ranger Rosebud

by Jay Hyrons

Ranger Rosebud Stoma Superhero Blog

My super stoma fantasy

Fantasy and dreaming are important; in fact they’re an integral part of life. As children we tend to fantasise in a way that focuses on our hopes and dreams, then as adults we often fantasise to escape from the everyday mundane of our lives.

In my fantasy, if my stoma were a superhero, she would be called Ranger Rosebud. I never thought I would hear myself say this, but my stoma actually looks like a rosebud and it’s really quite cute. Rangers loves the outdoors, so my stoma would have to be Ranger Rosebud because quite soon she will be traveling a very long way for a holiday… 8,000 miles in fact and there will be a lot of outdoors!

The power of time control

Ranger Rosebud would have the superpower of time control, and she would use it to fight against the Poo Fairies evil plans of causing pouch leaks.  Anyone in need can call for Ranger Rosebud to help. She will travel through time and space to save you from your pouch leak, using her power to reverse time and dissipate the effects so that all signs of the Poo Fairies visit will vanish. 

The Poo Fairy might think she has the upper hand in being sneaky with the timings of her pouch leak causing visits, swooping down on unsuspecting ostomates in the dead of night or at the most inopportune moments… but never fear, Ranger Rosebud will always be here! All you have to do is ask for her help before you go to sleep or to that important event, so that she can intercept the Poo Fairy and foil her evil plans.

Helping to give all ostomates confidence

Go forward fellow ostomates in the confidence that whatever type of stoma you have the world is your oyster. Adventure assured knowing that Ranger Rosebud will be there in less than a heartbeat.

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Jay Hyrons

About the author

Broken Bodybuilder. Recovering from 2 near death experiences in 13 months! Have Fibromyalgia,PTSD, Spinal Problems, asthma, colostomy & more!

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