Life Isn’t A Given But Change Is

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This month, I’ve written a poem on the theme of change, for SecuriCare's poetry competition. This is to help raise stoma awareness whilst celebrating National Poetry Day 2018!


Life isn’t a given but change is

Both are full of twists and turns

It is how you look at them whether they are good or bad

Health is often nothing more than a fad

An invisible crown the privileged wear

Change can heal, make you grow and become stronger

To make my life longer

I took lotions, potions and pills

Injections and infusions

That left me in a constant state of confusion

Such a young age that I got sick

What did I do in a past life in order to be picked

Too young to know anything different

Such a long time with suffering

Admissions, time off work and relationships lost

But at what cost?

Surgeries were the last port of call

Determined to get there even if i had to crawl

One, two hopefully no more

This bowel of mine was not to be trusted

Getting through the day was such a chore

I needed a way out

Out of this life I merely existed within

The pain filled my body and even the air with such a din

When I woke there was silence

No pain and everything in life to gain

Change had never tasted so sweet

The world unfolding at my feet

Nothing is always plain sailing

My ostomy has been far from that!

From sore skin and blockages

To bag trials and leakages

Returning to work and being a better mummy

Let alone travelling and pregnancy

Has filled me full of hope and ecstasy

No longer do I merely exist

Pain rarely tells me to cease and desist

“When I woke there was silence, No pain and everything in life to gain, Change had never tasted so sweet...” -@colitistoostomy

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by Stephie Simpson

Stephie Simpson

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I’m Stephie - a mum, wife and punk rock ostomate, blessed to be from North Yorkshire. I'll be writing about different campaigns that can help ostomates & general lifestyle posts.

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