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With all the uncertainties that life continues to share with us I feel that now is as good a time as ever to stay focused and positive for our own mental health and well-being and for others around us.

One way I look after my own health and wellbeing is through exercise. The sport which I enjoy the most is running. I am by no means an athlete of description and no longer do I break any personal bests, but I get so much out of it, and I do it because it makes me feel so much better afterwards. I’ve only reignited my love for running over the past three years and in this time, I have managed to run multiple half marathons, a few marathons and in May 2021 completed a 43-mile ultra-marathon which was something I could have only dreamed of a year earlier. Last October I was fortunate to run in the London marathon. This was no mean feat as all the odds were stacked against me running it. Hampered by COVID19 meant the training plan went by the wayside, a car accident and a health scare in the two weeks prior certainly didn’t help things along. But as anybody who knows me well will know that nothing was going to stand in the way of me achieving this goal and taking part in the marathon even if I walked and it took me forever, I was going to get to the start line at least. Pleasingly, I had the all-clear health wise the day before to run it safely and I managed to get to the finish line in almost one piece.

My most enjoyable runs are those with my friends. Not only do I benefit from the efforts of the exercise but having a good conversation about absolutely anything, everything or nothing relieves the soul and mind. Together we are a network of support for one another and are there for each other. My short-term goals for the first part of the New Year is to run another marathon or even maybe two and possibly one more ultra-marathon, if I can brave it! The training takes a lot of my spare time and weekends. It takes a lot of commitment and dedication, but I feel I need it to keep focus, happy and healthy and it certainly helps me deal with the stresses of life and managing a busy work and home life.

Exercise isn’t easy and I know that all too well. Some days you just cannot be bothered. But those days are the best days to try and get out for some fresh air, take a walk, or do something slightly more physical and within your capabilities. A little goes a long way as they say, and the benefits are immediate.

Stay well and safe and keep focused.

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