Can You Still Pass Wind If You Have A Stoma?

by Michelle Williams

No Farting With A Stoma Blog

The question everybody wants to ask

The one question I get asked, time and time again, when people find out I have a stoma is “can you still fart?” and “if not, do you miss it?”

Here’s the answer…

So for those of you without a stoma: the answer is a big fat NO! Or at least, not in the same way as before (via my bottom). I have to admit that, living with two stinky boys (husband and son), that I did used to get fart envy / rage.

Passing wind with a stoma

When you have a stoma, there are only two options for gas. It has to come out of your stoma, or out of your mouth.

From your stoma, gas usually leaks very slowly into your stoma bag. There are vents provided to help address this and to prevent the dreaded ballooning (where gas builds up inside the pouch) but they don’t really let that much out at a time. However, lots of stoma bags do have filters that stop there being any pong.

From time to time, some people do experience fart-type noises from their stoma. Thankfully, this usually doesn’t happen regularly. Some people report that these noises are worse if they haven’t eaten for a while – others, that it is triggered by the stoma being particularly active so it may just be a case of individual difference.

Nowadays, I burp more often

The other option now is for gas to leave as a burp. This happens to me much more than it used to. Not only carbonated drinks but nuts and vegetable skins can have a really gassy effect. I went to a concert the other week and the beer there gave me really bad hiccups because the burps couldn’t get up quick enough.

I still get blamed!

It’s funny when people try to blame a fart on me. If it’s someone that I don’t know too well, I’ll just have a little chuckle to myself but if it’s my son Callum then I remind him that I have a Barbie butt (where the colon, rectum and anus are removed and all holes to the outside world sewn up) and so it couldn’t possibly be me!

Now and again, I do miss a good fart

I used to miss passing wind, but now not so much. I have developed new techniques to move gas when it’s trapped - a cup of peppermint tea or a good wriggle. Just sometimes, though, when that doesn’t get things moving, I do still wish I could just let one rip.

Michelle Williams

About the author

My name is Michelle; I live in Kent with my husband and son. I have a permanent ileostomy as a result of Ulcerative Colitis. You can follow me on twitter.

Recent Comments

  • Anthony O'Neill


    I am sorry, but I disagree. I have a Ileostomy stoma, & on several occasions since my operation in August 2016, I have passed wind & stools, which my Consultant states is quite normal.

    I do miss a good fart though.



  • michele

    Really Anthony
    stool too? i have now started to pass wind through my bottom and have an ileostomy. I'm due for a reversal next week but was quite concerned that my bottom is passing wind. (thought there must be a leak somewhere?)
    Id be very alarmed if I had a stool from there.
    Thanks for your input.
    hope all goes well with you. I'm looking forward to my reversal on 23/03/18


    Michele x x

  • Malcolm Parks

    Would really like some advice. I had a stoma fitted last week due to bowel cancer. I have experience a little wind via the back package which I've been assured is quite normal. However yesterday I not only had wind or what I thought was wind. It it was actually well an accident let's say which happened three times in total quite depressing to say the least. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Janet

    I had a colostomy in 2010 I have had to change my water and bag 5 to 6 times a day been to John Hopkins 3 months had h pylori c diff I only weigh 65 lbs every thing I eat drink goes right thru me been in hospitals all the time from dehydration and other problems all the doctors say there is nothing they can do.i am making my funeral arrangements cause I know it won't be long.i have lived a living hell I'm worn out.i would like to know when you pass I understand you still go one director said if they don't see it up you will still go it blew me away

  • Antonia

    Hi I’ve had a stoma for 3mths now but couple times it felt like I have past wind a little is this normal or should I go to the doctors as I don’t see how as my large intestine is disconnected how is it possible?

  • Juan Santander

    I have a Ostomy Bag and last night I have passing gas through my rectum?

    is that normal or I should call my Surgeon Doctor?

    Thank you

  • Erin

    To Malcolm and anyone else interested/concerned. WARNING ICKY DETAILS AHEAD.

    I have had an ileostomy since 2010 due to Ulcerative Colitis. My rectum was left intact for possible reversal. I have not experience wind but in the hospital while I was recovering I did experience the sensation of having to move my bowels and a brown discharge in the toilet when I did so. I was quite alarmed but the nurse knew exactly what it was.

    Because I still have my rectum, the rectum produces this discharge to lubricate the anal passage to make bowel movements easier. She said it's normal and fine.

    I still get it, usually twice a day. On one end it makes me feel more "normal' but usually when I get the urge to 'go' it's urgent and yes I've had accidents because I couldn't hold it as it's liquid. :(

    Recently I've noticed blood so I do plan on seeing dr . Thinking it's possible my rectum will need to be removed .

    So, if you still have your rectum and the 'stool' is watery and brown it's probably just anal discharge. Still check with your dr though but hopefully this will put you at ease in the meantime. Take care everyone.

  • Sally

    Thank you all for your information. I'm finally giving in to the Colostomy bag surgery, I've had Colorectal for almost 6 years with bleeding and diarrhea most of the time. No medical personnel would listen to me and now I have no choice. I have put it off as long as I can. Some of my questions have been answered here but I sill have a few more for my doctor. If this had been listened to I could have had a better chance of beating it.
    Thanks again for the help.
    Sally Freshwater

  • Sue

    Hi all,
    My partner had emergency surgery 2 weeks ago, he had diverticulitis and peritonitis! Long story short, he thinks he just botty burped!! He has a stoma and was told there may be ‘phantom poo’ feelings from the other end. If the surgeons didn’t empty the lower bowel, he can still feel like getting rid of any waste, I just put it down to a healing process and anything that isn’t bleeding, oozing or causing pain, can only be good! Hopefully, my partner has the ‘Donald’, as we call it, temporarily, then the same with an ileostomy. We could be looking at a year before all this is behind us!!

  • Patricia

    Sally, I know exactly how you feel. We go to the doctors tell them our symptoms and we are ignored!! Went to see doctor I was passing blood clots in my urine doctor looked st me and said “you don’t look sick”. Now I’m fighting cancer, chemo didn’t work.

  • Gwen

    Hi i have crohns disease at the moment i have a colosamy bag n a mucis fitula bag had my operation year n a half ago it took me nearly a year to get used to it even tho i sed i will never get used to it anyone wants to chat to me n i can help someone in the same situation

  • Barry Milford

    I had an ileostomy in May this year. About 4 weeks ago I had pains in my backside and had to sit on the toilet passing wind and muck. Frightened the life out of me. Phoned stoma nurse who said it's quite natural as the surgeon can't clean everything out and mucus is being produced. They said only worry if there's blood. Only happened twice since and much reduced. Wish I'd been warned about this beforehand!

  • Sharon

    I am positive that during the night, I passed a big fart, ostomy bag since June 2018. It is possible.

  • Kathi

    I had a colostomy 2 weeks ago (October 19, 2018) due to a rectal prolapse. Had several surgeries for the prolapse which did no good so my surgeon said there was no other choice but to do the permanent colostomy. Today to my utter surprise, I passed gas twice through my anus! Does anyone know how this was possible? It really scares me. Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.

  • Marc Lowell

    Anal Ulcer Not healing 4 mths post Chemoradiation for HIP Anal Cancer.Worried about Surgery Possibly and Colostomy...Freaking out but anal pain continues daily...guess no other options coming. MRI Tuesday. Frustrating 2 years of never ending pain and issues....Thanks

  • Teri Aiudi

    Is it ok to pass gas through your anas?

  • Gillian hill

    Nice to here other people say they weren't listens to by there consultant they may give you diagnoses but it's your body and you know when it isn't and infusions injections that aren't working and 4 years later a nightmare but got a stomach bag a great consultant and hopefully a brighter future to what I had

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