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Recently, I spent a day filming about Hernia Prevention with SecuriCare’s sister company, CliniMed.

 Many people know that I am passionate about bodybuilding training. Since my last big surgery, I’ve been striving to remain hernia-free - which is not so easy with a stoma, particularly after major surgery. It’s that darn unzipping that leaves us vulnerable..........and the stoma itself, of course! But 4 years on from my surgery, there's not a hernia in sight and I intend to keep it that way. So I thought I could share my tips with others who might find them helpful.

 Normally, I train in the gym (unless I'm tabbing across country) but I know that the gym is a massive turn-off for many people! We decided, therefore, to put together a video about Hernia Prevention with exercises that can be done at home, and by people of all ages. This little Aura stoma bag fan is 60 now, and a bit of a wreck, so if I can do these exercises, you can probably do them too!

 It’s really important that you start with the physio exercises you are given in hospital and work up from there. I've worked my way back up to bodybuilding this year - but I’ll write more about that another time!

 The day’s filming was great fun as always with the CliniMed team; I love working with these peeps! Hair and make-up done, we got straight down to it. The hardest bit was getting all the exercises done, so that I could eat! 6 exercises in all, with a few variations, all designed to help strengthen your core (I was wondering how much mine would hurt the next day; there's a lot of repetition when you're filming!)

 As always, I was wearing my Aura stoma bag, which gives me the confidence I need when I'm exercising. I don’t use a hernia support belt when I’m training abs, as you want to work the muscles, not support them. If you watch the video, you’ll see that the exercises are designed for ‘all gain and no strain’. 

 I haven't taught for a while and it was a bit odd with a room full of camera crew instead of people joining in (I did ask the crew, but they all said they were busy, funnily enough!) I did also have to shorten my usual spiel a bit, as I'm used to chatting my way through an hour’s class…not quite what you need for a short video!

 The video will be online soon; I can’t wait to see a project we’ve worked so hard on come to fruition!

 Until next time guys................

Hernia prevention exercises can be done at home, and by people of all ages!

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by Jay Hyrons

Jay Hyrons

About the author

Hi I'm Jay. My stoma was unexpected and very much unwanted, in fact it still is. I am a qualified Clinical Personal Fitness Trainer and a former National Champion Bodybuilder. After eight abdominal surgeries I am still Hernia free. You can see the video made in partnership with CliniMed here Core Exercises to help prevent Hernias and you can get other fitness tips on my YouTube or follow me on Instagram.

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  • Jean cooper

    My stoma is 8 weeks ago. I have a swelling above the stoma. Can it be a Hernia. I understand they are common and 50percent of stoma patients have it. I looked at your blog for relevant exercises but there are none. Just a few paragraphs about filming. Disappointed.

  • [Deleted User]

    Hi Jean, you can view the video that Jay refers to in this blog at: https://youtu.be/g2n9GtxDHxo

  • Margaret Lines

    Have not managed to find it yet!

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