Meet SecuriCare Customer Service Team Member, Tiffany

by SecuriCare Team

Meet Securi Care Customer Service Team Member Tiffany

How long have you worked at SecuriCare?

I’ve worked at SecuriCare for almost 4 years now, I primarily look after people who have joined the SecuriCare service but are based in a non-nurse area, so I have patients that are dotted all around the country. I really enjoy my role and love that I am able to make a difference to my patients. Every day brings a new challenge and, as I enjoy problem solving, it’s a great fit. Before working at SecuriCare, I worked as a purchasing manager for a medical trunking company.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

On a daily basis I follow up prescriptions to ensure my patients receive their supplies in time, I take incoming calls and queries, process prescriptions and call my patients to check if they need to place an order. I would say I spend over 80% of my time speaking to people on the phone, whether that’s talking to doctors surgeries or to my patients.

What’s the best thing about working at SecuriCare?

It has to be talking to the patients. I really enjoy getting to know them and building relationships with them – I’ve known many of them for nearly 4 years now so they really are like friends. It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I received some cards from my patients which was so lovely. It’s nice to know that I mean a lot to them, as they mean a lot to me!

Do you have a favourite patient?

I know I’m not meant to, but I do (quite a few actually). I have an Italian patient who is in his 80s and has been a patient of mine since day one - he’s such a darling! I really enjoy talking to him, I know all about his family and what he gets up to. He sends me cards for my birthday and wedding anniversaries, which is so kind. I also have another patient who has been with me since I first started, his stoma was supposed to be temporary but when the reversal went wrong, he had to have his stoma reformed and now he has a hernia. He’s had a really difficult time, but I always look forward to talking to him and his wife – it’s the highlight of my day when I speak to them.

What’s the funniest question you’ve been asked?

I’m not sure it’s appropriate for publication!

What’s it like working at SecuriCare?

It’s a really great atmosphere to work in as both the people at SecuriCare and the patients are lovely. I really enjoy working with my colleagues and I’ve made genuine friendships over the years. Our managers are really great and approachable and give us the support we need to succeed within our roles.

If you were a stoma accessory, which one would you be?

I would be a Hydrosolve LBF wipe because I’m caring, protective, efficient (disperses in water!) and you can’t leave home without me!

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  • Allan & Marion Brown

    Tiffany is simply the best. My husband has been through some difficult times and the help and support she has given us to sort out problems has been immeasurable. But much more than this her warmth and caring nature has been a rock to us throughout this journey. We have had some dark days but if she has spoken to us, she has helped us through. She is a wonderful person and we cannot thank her enough.

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