What Is Continence

The term continence is used when an individual has control of their bladder and bowel.

Continence care relates to helping an individual achieve and maintain this control of their bladder or bowel functions, through tips on how to keep the bladder healthy, continence assessment, identifying a suitable course of treatment if necessary and emotional support and advice.


Incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine or faeces, which can significantly disrupt the quality of life of those affected.

  • Many people with incontinence put up with their symptoms for years yet, with professional help, incontinence and bladder control problems can be cured or managed.
  • Incontinence can cause embarrassment and shame for individuals and prevent them from carrying out daily activities.
  • Incontinence can put people at a greater risk of falls and is a common reason for older people being admitted to a nursing home.

Click below for specific information about incontinence in men and incontinence in women:


 Click here for information about female incontinence.


 Click here for information about male incontinence.

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