This year’s results are in from the NHS DAC* Survey and we’re delighted that the results are once again so positive.  As a DAC, SecuriCare is required to prepare an annual report for the NHS each year on the level of satisfaction felt by you.  Every DAC across the UK is required to complete this report as part of their NHS contract.  

The questionnaire was sent to a random selection of 592 patients and 220 were returned - a response rate of 37% - high by average standards for a self-complete survey. We hope this response rate, along with the unprompted positive comments from the survey, indicates the high esteem in which the SecuriCare delivery service is held.

The Results

When rating the overall service 94% of respondents provided a ‘Very Good’ rating whilst 99% of patients commented it was either ‘Very Easy’ or ‘Fairly Easy’ to contact SecuriCare. When asked to rate the staff, the information available, the contact options, quality, reliability and overall service of SecuriCare 95% of respondents gave a rating of ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’.

Thank you to those who completed the survey, we really appreciate you taking the time and we will continue to strive to not only maintain these results but exceed them next year.

* Dispensing Appliance Contractor

Dac Survey

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by SecuriCare Team