Get all your prescription medicines delivered directly to your door!

Why not get your medicines delivered directly to your door by the same company who supplies your medical appliances?

Now you can, if you use SecuriCare as your appliance home delivery service you can sign-up to use our in-house pharmacy; PharmaCare! (if you're not already using SecuriCare, why not? Join today!)

Our fully qualified team of pharmacists are on-hand to provide all NHS pharmacy services you've come to expect of your local pharmacy, from the comfort of your home.

How does our Pharmacy service work?

To begin using PharmaCare you’ll need to be a SecuriCare customer. If you’re not already, you can join free today.

If you’re joining for the first time today, let one of our team know you’d also like to use PharmaCare during your onboarding call or email.

If you’re already a SecuriCare customer, drop an email to one of our team or call the number you use for orders. We'll speak to your GP or healthcare professional to let them know you are appointing us as your nominated pharmacy and request that future prescriptions are sent directly to us. If your surgery uses the electronic prescription service (EPS) you can also nominate us online or in person, as your preferred pharmacy.

PharmaCare is an online pharmacy, registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. PharmaCare is operated by SecuriCare (Medical) Limited.
Our superintendent pharmacist is Rashida Farooqi - GPhC registration 2202997
PharmaCare: Phone - 0800 652 1554 or email PharmaCare

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