What is pancaking?

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What is pancaking?

No, it’s not a dance you do as you make some tasty treats this February, nor is it the latest TikTok trend!

Pancaking, not to be confused with the tasty sweet or savoury batter enjoyed by many on Shrove Tuesday, is the much-maligned enemy of many ostomates.

Stoma Pouch Pancaking – What is it?

Pancaking is when a vacuum occurs in the stoma bag and the bag sticks together, preventing the contents from dropping to the bottom and potentially causing leaks or blocking the stoma bag filter. This can happen with an ileostomy or colostomy.

How can I help avoid pancaking?

  • When applying your pouch, try placing a cotton wool ball inside of your stoma pouch to prevent the sides of the pouch from sticking together. Alternatively, if you don’t have cotton wool you can pop a small, crumpled tissue inside the pouch!
  • When applying your pouch, ensure that the flange is adhered securely to the body, this will ensure that air doesn’t escape from the pouch. Our UltraFrame Film Flange Extenders can add an extra level of security to your pouch as your body moves. or
  • Drink plenty of water/ fluids to alter the consistency of your output and reduce the risk of your output sticking to your pouch, but always make sure you listen to your doctor or nurses' advice on how much you should be drinking.
  • Try adding some baby oil or olive oil into your pouch, this will help prevent the sides of the pouch sticking together and can help your output slide to the bottom of the pouch.
  • Blow some air into the pouch and then apply the filter cover sticker to ensure some of the air remains in the pouch, then once your stoma has been active remove the filter cover which should encourage the output to drop to the bottom of the pouch and prevent any vacuums from forming

Check Nurse Leisa’s advice video on pancaking here.

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