What is Fowler's Syndrome?


What is Fowler’s Syndrome?

Fowler's Syndrome is a rare disease despite being the most common cause of urinary retention in young females. Not all patients will be in complete retention. Some women can void, albeit with difficulty and report hesitancy and poor urinary stream.

What are the symptoms of Fowler's Syndrome?

The symptoms caused by the inability to empty the bladder may include back pain, suprapubic pain (pain above the bladder) and dysuria (burning and discomfort whilst passing urine) as a result of urinary tract infection.

What causes Fowler's Syndrome?

The cause of Fowler’s Syndrome remains unknown and is currently the subject of research.

Associated Conditions

A significant proportion of women affected by Fowler's Syndrome also have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

What are the treatments for Fowler's Syndrome?

There are different treatments for Fowler's Syndrome, depending on the level of urinary retention the person is experiencing. You can find out about the treatments available on the Bladder Health UK website.

Where can I find support for Fowler's Syndrome?

To find support from professionals and others that have Fowler's Syndrome. Visit bladderhealthuk.org.

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