Dealing With The Hot Weather When You Have A Stoma

Hot Weather

It’s been an amazing summer so far but as an ostomate, it hasn’t been without its challenges.

The hot weather (combined with the joys of being a woman of a certain age) has led to my skin being rather sweaty. This has meant it’s been a bit tricky to keep my pouch stuck to my skin for longer than 3 or 4 hours at a time. The knock-on effect of this has been huge amounts of laundry and a washing machine surrendering and giving up the ghost. I was also reminded of the additional cost to the NHS by my GP’s receptionist when I had to order more supplies earlier than usual.

Another issue I have had this summer is itchy, irritated skin.

This begins with a red itchiness, often around the edge of the flange and gradually working its way towards my stoma. If I don’t catch this in time the tiny pinkish red pinpricks grow into large angry blisters that become weepy. The skin around my stoma will quickly become sore and red if I have frequent leaks.

It seems that a mixture of the heat and constant leaks have caused my skin to break down. My lovely Stoma Care Nurses have been helpful in dealing with my skin issues. They have recommended different ointments, powders and barrier wipes that can also stop my pouch from adhering properly but will eventually help my skin. It seems that having to change my pouch so often also prolongs the healing process.

My son’s wedding is fast approaching – ten days and counting!

I’m hoping for a slightly cooler and fresher day to lessen the chances of a leak and to be able to enjoy the day without the extra worry. I do have a stand-by outfit should I have to change but I’m now wondering if I should have done what I used to do when I was still working, and simply bought two of the same dress to avoid drawing attention to the fact I have had to change. Time will tell! Whatever happens, I am determined to enjoy the day.

We recommend LBF this Summer – it’s a rapid-drying, long-lasting skin barrier film which also provides an ideal surface for the adhesion of your stoma pouch and any adhesive accessories. Whether your skin is intact or injured, LBF Barrier Film can be used safely without stinging due to its alcohol free, healthcare grade silicones formulation.

“It seems that a mixture of the heat and constant leaks have caused my skin to break down.” – Lynne Richardson

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by Lynne Richardson

Lynne Richardson

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I have had a urostomy since 2012 and will be sharing some of my personal experiences and thoughts as an ostomate.

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