The Busy Ileostomist: Scott Smith’s View On Life

He Busy Ileostomist Scott Smith’S View On Life

Fed up with stoma bag leaks

For a number of years especially during the watery output days, I had suffered with leaks. And with an ileo those days occur regularly. I tried different brands and sizes of bags but always found myself returning to my original brand. My stoma care nurse had commented on how clean my stoma site was so adhesion should be good. The leaks had started to become an issue and I became paranoid. Leaks never occur when you are sat at home watching TV. They always occurred when I was driving, in a meeting at work, always at the worst possible times!

Then in a conversation with SecuriCare while looking for another bag design, I mentioned my issues and worries. In my experience, SecuriCare always offer a consultative approach. After a brief chat, they had understood my problems and recommended Morform sachets. They are a motion management sachet designed to 'gel' the contents of a stoma bag. Especially useful when suffering very liquid output. Perfect right? Sounds too good to be true?

Finally, an effective solution for my leaks

Wow, I wish I had discovered these years ago! These small inconspicuous sachets made an immediate positive impact. When my output was watery the smallest crease or gap around the stoma site was almost guaranteed to leak. As my stoma appears to be very active it shifts in size and shape during output. Gaps became common and a slight lapse of concentration when applying a new bag creates a small crease. I have just calculated that in the last 7 years I have changed my bag over 2,000 times! Anyway, let’s just say the gap/crease issue occurred regularly.

When they first arrived I thought I had been sent the wrong items. Have you ever bought flat pack furniture? When you open it have you ever noticed the small sachets in the box? Apparently these are designed to absorb moisture while the goods are in a cold damp warehouse. The Morform sachets look exactly the same. Except they are on steroids!

I’m a pessimist and I don’t believe anything till I see it with my own eyes. So the first thing I did was see just how good transforming liquid into gel these sachets actually were. I was seriously surprised!

If you suffer with watery output, try Morform

I use drainable bags so emptying watery output also offers its own challenges so managing high output in this gel form is really handy.

You can put a sachet in your bag when applying. However, I usually only use them if and when I have watery output. Again, as I use drainable bags, I am able to simply slip a sachet into an emptied bag. If the watery output continues once the sachet has worked its magic I can just pop in a new sachet.

From talking to other ostomists, watery output is always challenging. In my opinion if leaks due to watery output are an issue or if you simply want to avoid this problem, order some Morform sachets with your next will not be sorry ;)

Scott tried many different things to help with his regular stoma bag leaks. What finally helped? Morform.

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by Scott Smith

Scott Smith

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I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and bowel cancer. I had to have a major operation leaving me with an ileostomy. In a few short months I was discharged from hospital - back into my 'normal' life - changed forever.

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  • matthew

    sometimes i have loose stools but i use something to hard the stool up but it still leaks through the sides off the rim and the rim is dry so i know it is ok and sealed down and it also smells and fills up with gas as well i do drink tea and water this is getting me down now

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