How UltraFrame Helps Me With Stoma Bag Leaks

Michelle May 1

Back when I had the whole palaver with my bags leaking pretty much every hour, a friend from GetYourBellyOut reminded me of just how good and versatile CliniMed’s UltraFrame film flange extenders are - no, I’m not being paid to say that.

I genuinely use and love the hell out of these Avenger style flange extenders

I love that they’re a wafer-thin film, so if you run your hand over it, you’d hardly be able to tell there’s anything there! They’re waterproof too (no matter how many times you shower!) AND if you get a leak underneath, it will contain it like a superhero putting up a defence shield.

The other day I had a leak, I could see the leak bubble but was confused as to why I couldn’t wipe it away. I was tired and I’d forgotten that I had applied the UltraFrame - that’s the beauty, I don’t even know that I’ve got them on!

I know that if I am out, it’s going to give me precious time to get to somewhere I can change my bag

I’ve also started putting them on when I do yoga because my hernia behind my stoma means if I fold completely forward, for instance, it can cause pancaking and then a leak that will smoosh out the sides of my bag. If I get really hot and sweaty during yoga, I can peel off the UltraFrame at the end of the session and it won’t damage the original flange of the bag either.

Doesn’t pull my bag off or leave a sticky residue

It’s been really hard being confined to the house since my last blog, sat with my foot up on the sofa. I’ve had many weeks of physiotherapy, which, for the most part meant laying on my front. Mainly so that the Physiotherapist could give me ultrasound therapy on the sole of my foot.

Nothing fills me with a sense of dread more than someone asking, “Are you OK to lay on your front?” Especially if my stoma bag has been feeling itchy. You know what they are really saying is: there is no other way of doing this.

So, you have to lay on your front

But after all this time in trainers, plus lots of physio and acupuncture, yesterday I got to wear normal shoes again and I didn’t get so much as a twinge of pain.

I’ve struggled this lockdown, between what seemed like the never ending leaks and the foot injury, but as we come out of it… I definitely feel much more confident and positive again.

UltraFrame is a revolutionary flange extender designed to keep the flange securely in place whilst the body keeps on moving. Unlike traditional hydrocolloid flange extenders, UltraFrame is made from an ultra-thin, transparent and waterproof film, making it ideal for bathing, swimming and high-intensity sports and activities. Fancy a free sample? Call 0800 585 125 to speak to the SecuriCare Careline team today!

“UltraFrame… I genuinely use and love the hell out of these Avenger style flange extenders” - @sonikmummy

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by Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

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My name is Michelle; I live in Kent with my husband and son. I have a permanent ileostomy as a result of Ulcerative Colitis. You can follow me on twitter.