How are CliniMed stoma pouches made?

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CliniMed Group is a group of companies, that include SecuriCare Home Delivery Service, CliniMed, Welland and many more.

As a group of companies, we know how important it is to work together and by keeping our manufacturing and distribution process under one company, we can make sure we're providing high quality products and services from the very beginning.

Welland manufacture CliniMed stoma pouches that are then distributed all over the world and delivered to your door by home delivery services, including SecuriCare.

In this short interview, Welland explain how they develop and manufacture innovative products that are designed to suit the needs of people living with a stoma.

Where does product innovation come from?

At Welland Medical Ltd. we pride ourselves on our innovative spirit and ability to create novel solutions in everything we do, including our products. As a team we carry out extensive research to understand the requirements of those living with a stoma to ensure that we are creating products that suit their needs. As part of our research we work closely with our Global Partners to carry out user and Stoma Care Nurse evaluations, then share this fundamental feedback to our Research and Development team who work on creating solutions to continually improve our stoma care products. We appreciate your feedback about our products, and any ideas that you feel may help us improve the products we create. If you would like to share your insight, please visit our website.

What are the steps involved in making a stoma pouch?

Our pouches go through a range of stages and dependent on the type of pouch we are creating the steps involved can vary. However, the standardised steps in place for every pouch are, we start with creating our hydrocolloid by mixing together raw materials, extruding the mix to be cut into flange (the part of the pouch that sticks to the skin) specific shapes. The process then continues to printing the cutting guide onto the flange and the incorporation of the bag and forming. We then proceed to carefully aligning materials to create the specific features for the range that is being manufactured. The pouch is continually checked throughout these stages, with in process testing and extensive quality checks to place.

For our drainable and urostomy pouches, the process then continues to the assembly of the drainable components or the insertion of the tap, all of which is then followed up by further testing, ensuring the security of the outlets.

The pouch then enters the final stage of our manufacturing process, packaging and labelling. Every pouch is hand packed, and labelled. Our team then operate the logistics that ensure the right product goes to the right place and is delivered to those living with a stoma throughout the world.

How many members of staff does it take to make a stoma pouch?

On the Shop, where we manufacture the product, the many steps that are involved in creating a pouch mean we have a number of colleagues throughout the process. On average we have no less than ten people partake in the manufacturing process, as detailed in question two, the stages include everything from mixing raw materials to extrude ahead of cutting and forming our flanges, through to forming the pouch with specific features and the extensive testing that is involved throughout.

The process of making one of our stoma pouches is extensive to ensure they are of the highest quality. From start to finish, colleagues from all departments play a role in making a pouch, whether that be at the research stage, to handling of raw materials through to the product being packaged and sent to our Global Partners, everyone is vital to the process.

How long does it take from start to finish for a pouch to be made?

We work in with large volumes so the time taken to create a pouch can vary. We own the manufacture of our raw hydrocolloid material (the material created that forms the pouch flanges) and this is the most time consuming part of the pouch making process. Once the pouch has gone through the steps required and inspection is completed, they are ready to be packed ready for release.

How do you ensure all products are made to a high quality and good standard?

Every Welland colleague understands the importance of quality and when it comes to our products extensive quality checks are performed on our products throughout the manufacturing process.

We have a dedicated QARA (Quality and Regulatory Affairs) team onsite that work closely with all departments at Welland to ensure that a strong understanding of the standards and regulations in place for medical devices are met.

What are the benefits of manufacturing in the UK?

Our founders had a desire to innovate the stoma care industry, something that is still at the heart of what we do today. From the very start our products have been created and manufactured in the United Kingdom, with our Global presence continuing to grow, we still pride ourselves on our roots.

We find that there are a number of benefits to manufacturing in the UK, including the regulations around quality and safety when producing any product, access to a highly skilled and dedicated workforce and links to be able to support our National Health Service (NHS).

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