Caroline’s Stoma Care Journey


Caroline has two stomas, a colostomy and a urostomy, and for years was burdened by leaks and sore skin. When she met Louise, a Community Stoma Care Nurse at SecuriCare, Caroline confided the struggles impacting her daily life. Following a comprehensive review and some adjustments to her stoma care routine, Caroline's story took a remarkable turn. Watch the video to see Caroline and Louise discuss the stoma care review and the positive difference it made to Caroline’s life.

When speaking to the team at SecuriCare, Caroline was recommended a stoma care review after Caroline mentioned she was facing some challenges. Louise met her in the comfort of her own home, where a nervous Caroline felt she could openly discuss her problems. These included frequent leaks, skin infections, and anxieties that made it difficult for her to leave the house.

Caroline was relieved to be able to open up about the toll these issues had taken on her life. Louise then thoroughly examined Caroline's stomas and current routine, identifying the extensive sore skin. Together, they built an action plan focused on simplifying Caroline's routine and finding a solution to prevent leaks and improve the condition of the damaged skin.

A key element of the plan was to try the Welland Aura Plus Soft Convex appliance for both stomas. Louise recommended this option for its gentle support provided by the soft convex flange and the plus-shaped design which could accommodate Caroline's hernias. The Manuka honey in the hydrocolloid could also help to manage her sensitive skin. Within a week, Caroline's skin showed notable improvement, and the leaks, once a daily occurrence, completely vanished.

"Within a very short period of time, the improvement was amazing," Caroline remarked.

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Caroline shared a remarkable story about how Louise's help truly made a difference. Her son's wedding was approaching, and the fear of leaks ruining the day almost kept her from attending. But after meeting Louise, changing her routine, and starting to use Aura Plus, Caroline felt confident enough to enjoy the wedding without anxieties.

"I had an amazing time and no issues whatsoever," Caroline told us.

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Both Caroline and Louise reflected on why many people experiencing similar stoma challenges hesitate to seek help. Anxieties about asking or simply not knowing where to turn can be significant barriers. While both applied to Caroline, she now urges anyone facing stoma difficulties to reach out to a stoma care nurse for a review and guidance on resolving issues or improving their routine.

"Because of the difference it’s made to me, I would implore people out there to contact SecuriCare, the help is absolutely out there, and it’s absolutely changed my life. Please take the care that’s there, it’s ongoing, you get everything you need, and you can contact them at any time, it doesn’t matter how big or small you think the problem is. I just want to say thank you, SecuriCare.”

SecuriCare have one of the largest teams of specialist Stoma Care Nurses in the UK working in partnership to support patients. Whether you need in-clinic, home, phone, or online support, SecuriCare can answer your questions.

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by Jen Brazil