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Continence Care

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Continence issues are common, affecting people of all ages and from all social and cultural backgrounds. Problems with continence occur more often in women than men (due to the female anatomy and childbirth process). With men, however, the prevalence increases with advancing age and associated enlargement of the prostate gland.

Continence care essentially relates to helping an individual control their bladder or bowel function. This can involve tips on how to keep the bladder healthy, continence assessment and identifying a suitable course of treatment if necessary. Emotional support and advice are also an important aspect of continence care.

Many people shy away from discussing continence care with their GP due to embarrassment, deciding instead to manage alone. This can further enhance feelings of isolation and embarrassment.

Understanding the causes of incontinence and the treatment options available can help you accept that there is a problem and give you the confidence to seek professional help. The advice contained in this section should help you along that path and give you some idea of the options available to you.

Free samples of continence care products

Securicare can supply all makes of stoma and continence care appliances, including skin care and other accessories.

If your condition is new or if you would like to try an alternative you can request samples which are available from our sister company CliniMed.

If you would like to try free samples of stoma or incontinence supplies and/or accessories please click here.


New Customers: 0800 585 125
Existing Customers: 0800 318 965

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