Patient Survey Results

2019 NHS ‘Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire’ Survey Results for PharmaCare

Each year, PharmaCare is required to publish a ‘Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire’ survey to NHS England demonstrating the level of satisfaction with the service we provide to our patients. Every community pharmacy registered in England must meet this requirement.

PharmaCare’s survey was carried out using a standard NHS questionnaire and letter of invitation to take part in the survey. PharmaCare sent the questionnaire to 560 randomly selected patients on the 9th October 2019. By the 30th October 2019, we had received 199 completed questionnaires. With a response rate of 36%, this easily exceeded the NHS England requirement for us to obtain at least 75 responses. We would like to thank all customers, who took the time to complete and reply to the customer satisfaction questionnaire.

The results of the survey were once again extremely encouraging. Taking everything into account, the PharmaCare service was rated positively by around 96.4% of the respondents. Over 58.4% of the respondents described the service as ‘Excellent’ which was the highest available rating, 32.5% of customers rated the service as ‘Very Good’ and around 5.6% scored the pharmacy as ‘good’.The remaining respondents described the service as ‘Fair’ and no one gave a negative response, a tremendous achievement and evidence that PharmaCare is working very hard to provide an excellent service to its customers.

Of the customers who provided a valid response, 96.4% indicated that they would be happy to recommend the PharmaCare pharmacy service to their family and friends. In addition, the staff overall received very positive scores, with over 95% of customers rating the overall staff performance as ‘Fairly Good’ or better.

It is pleasing to see an improvement in the ease of contacting the pharmacy, with 3.7% of customers believing that PharmaCare can improve on this, versus over 5% last year. 

Customer Feedback

The majority of the qualitative customer feedback has been very positive. Customers made the following comments:

“Excellent service is being provided by very respectful and knowledgeable staff. I very much appreciate the service provided”

“I don’t think you can improve on perfection”

“For me, I find that the service provided (i.e. dealing with repeat prescriptions and prompt delivery of the medicines together with items from SecuriCare) is excellent in every way and there is no need for improvement.”

“I am happy with the service, and nothing is too much trouble”

Ramanjit Grewal (Responsible Pharmacist) says: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all patients for their participation in the survey. The positive response is encouraging, and we are keen to work on the improvements you have suggested. Overall, we are happy to maintain a high level of service and look forward to meeting all our patient’s medication needs in the coming future.”.

Survey Demographics

Age Range: 

20-24 1.0
25-64 26.6 % 
65-75 33.7 % 
76-85 27.6 % 
85+ 11.1 %


Female 56.9 % 
Male 43.1 %

Who do you obtain a prescription for? 

Yourself 81.5 % 
Someone else 2.1 % 
Both 16.4 %

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