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I was going to talk about intimacy and body image this month, but as I thought more about it, my attention turned to the support and the networks we have access to and how as we learn about our bodies in this new journey, we just have to bite the bullet and try for ourselves to see what works… because we’re all individuals after all!

But first, there’s something that I just have to share, you’ve probably come across it yourself somewhere when looking for information about intimacy/sex/our bodies post-stoma surgery…

“Do not use the stoma as an orifice for sex”

Can you believe it? I was so surprised to read this, I nearly fell of my chair. It wasn’t something I had even considered.

I need stoma advice and support that’s beneficial to me, tailored to my requirements and individual expectations.

Thinking back to the immediate months post-surgery there’s so MUCH information handed over, relayed, and shared with you as you come to realise how much has and is changing in your day to day life. It’s overwhelming, terrifying and  altogether something I know I couldn’t actually cope with (or was prepared to accept).

It’s not that I didn’t want to take on board the information given – it is perhaps the fact that everything is upside down for many of us. How can I have eaten foods before that I can’t now, how is it that the clothes I wore before don’t fit/suit or feel comfortable, and how does the skin I’m now in feel ugly and as if no one would ever want to touch it again??

I found SecuriCare almost by accident…a happy one!

I needed more from my prescription service and wanted to feel part of a network of people I could turn to. They were a friendly voice (hi, Tiffany!) and a person to turn to when I felt too awkward to ask for samples, or too silly to say that I felt like the appliance I was using didn’t suit me or my skin – little did I know there were other appliances and brands available for me to try along with the many creams, lotions, sprays and potions to aid my skin in its sorry days and maintain it in its good stages!

The SecuriCare blog has been a great help to me, reading real life experiences, trials and tribulations which I can truly relate to. FINALLY it puts to bed the fear that what you read in black and white is the only possible answer – we have all tried and tested methods and coping mechanisms and that’s okay. What is key, is that if you find something that works, share, share and SHARE again! I love to see the community on social platforms sharing ideas and inspirations and shopping hauls of clothing that works for them. I know it might not suit or work for me, but if it reaches one other person then the sharing worked and someone else benefitted along their journey! I love to share with both people who have a bag and those who don’t, I think feeding peoples fascinations enables others to share and share alike.

My advice regarding a home delivery service…

If you need them: call them, if you want to write: send them an email, if you need some samples: ask, need some assistance from a nurse? Well they can help with that too – I’ve used every part of the SecuriCare service and can honestly say I’m happy I found them and grateful for how much easier they have made dealing with lots of different aspects of my new body and the hiccups along the way – I hope that by writing for the SecuriCare blog it somehow balances out the relationship!

“I’ve used every part of the SecuriCare service and can honestly say I’m happy I found them…” – Sam Melling

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If you’d like to join the SecuriCare Home Delivery Service and benefit from the same support that Sam receives, you can sign-up here.

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by Sam Melling

Sam Melling

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