Stoma Question And Answer Session With Caz

Stoma Question And Answer Session With Caz

Hi Guys! This month’s post is going to be more of a Q&A style. These questions have been submitted to me via several social network sites that I am a part of. I hope that there have been some asked that you have often wondered about yourself…  

Q: How do you deal with your stoma farting in public?  A: I can pretty much feel when my stoma is going to make a noise. Sometimes it can be soooo loud! I always put my hand over my bag to muffle the sound, I’m quite conscious of it when I’m out and about.

Q: Hey, new ostomate here. What brand of stoma bags do you use? And do you have any experience with belts that hide the bags? Thanks! A: I personally use Coloplast Maxi bags; they have a very structured collar on them which has stopped me from having as many leaks as I used to have when I used the standard flat backed collared bags. I had a belt for a little while but it never really appealed to me. I wear a lot of high-waisted clothes so I feel very safe with those!

Q: Can I ask when you first knew you were ill and what symptoms you had? Was it hard to go to get medical help with something that people find potentially embarrassing? A: I think I always knew that something wasn’t quite right with my bowels. The doctors always put it down to IBS but I wasn’t convinced. About a month or so before I was rushed to hospital, I knew something else was wrong but, me being me, I put off going to the Drs. Stupid really. If you ever think there’s something wrong, please do not ignore it! I didn’t avoid going to see my doctor because I was ever embarrassed or anything, it was more because I was scared. Thankfully, when I woke up the morning of my mad hospital dash, I just knew it wasn’t something to ignore.

 Q:If you’re dating anyone right now, were they with you when you went through the surgery or did you have to tell them about it later? If so, how did you bring it up?  A: I was with my boyfriend for 4 months before I had stoma surgery…we have now been together just over 5 years! He was always fine with the stoma bag, it wasn’t something that ever bothered him. I think I was the one who made a big deal out of it and thought he would be grossed out etc. I quickly discovered though that no one cares, no one thinks it’s gross and it’s really not a turn off.

Q: As you have the bag, I am guessing you don’t pass waste from your butt? A: This is true, however I do get a mucus build up and I have to pass that. It doesn’t happen too often. I still have my rectum which creates a natural mucus so I still get that feeling that I need to go to the toilet. It’s not painful but it can sometimes be annoying.

Thank you to everyone that asked me questions: It’s been fun! If you have any more feel free to comment below.   

'I can pretty much feel when my stoma is going to make a noise. Sometimes it can be soooo loud!' - Caz

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by Carrie Caines

Carrie Caines

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My name is Caz. I'm a twenty something, blue haired pizza lover. I have a permanent Ileostomy named Krang. I’m going to be blogging about things that matter to me, as a young ileostomate – because not only old people have stomas!

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