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The SecuriCare blog is one of the most popular stoma resources in the ostomy community. But some readers aren’t actually SecuriCare customers and may not be aware of the benefits we offer as a home delivery service. If you have a stoma or are living with continence issues, you may be interested to know about the benefits of joining SecuriCare – our FREE home delivery service.

At SecuriCare, we provide a free home delivery service for all your prescription stoma and continence needs. We deliver all makes and brands of products, so no matter what you use, we’ll deliver it direct to your door.

Our service is tailored to fit your needs and we provide a wide range of complimentary items to help support your daily needs and make your life easier.

We deliver…

  • Simple ordering via Freephone, email, online, text or post
  • Prescription medicines delivered along with your supplies via our in-house pharmacy, PharmaCare
  • Discreet, sustainable packaging which is fully biodegradable
  • 1 hour delivery window on your chosen date with text message update
  • Your own dedicated customer contact who will get to know your needs
  • Extended opening hours: 7.45am – 9pm Monday – Friday
  • Free pouch cutting service to make your life easier
  • EPS (electronic prescription service) your prescription is sent to us electronically, saving you time*
  • Free samples of products and appliances from all manufacturers, giving you the freedom and flexibility to try other products
  • S.T.A.R.S. (SecuriCare Telephone Advice and Response Service) can arrange for you to speak to a Stoma Care Nurse

*with GP consent

But don’t take it from us, read what some of our bloggers have to say about their personal experiences with SecuriCare.

Katie Chesworth

I’ve been a SecuriCare customer for over five years now and they’ve helped me since before I had my stoma surgery. My local SecuriCare Stoma Care Nurses, Jill and Nicki, were brilliant when I was first told I needed emergency stoma surgery. They really helped me process and learn all about stomas and stoma bags - they spent so much time with me and made the whole whirlwind of the day before surgery a lot more bearable. 

Using SecuriCare’s home delivery service has been a breeze and the support they give is brilliant. From calling me to check how my supply levels are, to helping me access emergency stoma supplies when our house flooded - they make everything fuss free and are lovely every time you speak to them. 

Nathan Wheeler

Where do I begin, I have been with quite a few stoma delivery services over my ten years of having a stoma, and SecuriCare has been by far the best service I have ever had. If you’ve seen my blogs in the past, I had a major issue with NHS formularies at my local hospital and SecuriCare did everything they could to make sure I was getting the products I needed. They really went out of their way to make sure I was getting enough products to see me through the drama I was having with the doctors. The lovely Tiffany emails me every few weeks to make sure I’m okay on my supplies and I could not be happier with how quick and efficient everything is sent to me. I am even kept up to date if things are out of stock, just in case they need to source other products for me. 

Being one of the SecuriCare bloggers is a dream come true, I get to speak to Rachel and Sarah who are always there and it makes it easy to open up about things, but I honestly cannot stress how friendly the SecuriCare team are. If you work full-time, it’s hard to speak on the phone and most of the other places I used, always want to talk on the phone, but with SecuriCare you’re able to discuss things via email and it just makes life so much easier! If you’re looking for a new stoma care provider - SecuriCare is the one for you! Friendly, personable and always there and on time, what more could you want?

Samantha Melling

I haven’t looked back since I became part of the SecuriCare family, I say family because right from the start none of my problems were too big, too unachievable, and most importantly they all had a solution. SecuriCare have always gone above and beyond in everything: order simplicity, samples to make choices easier, discreet packaging, timed delivery slots with driver updates the day before to remind you, and they can deliver to a safe place, no problem. In terms of the support they have given me it’s been second to none like a friend you don’t have to always speak to they’re always there to listen and point you in the right direction for advice when you REALLY need it.

I cannot recommend SecuriCare enough and as much as having my ileostomy felt like my world was ending I found a new world where SecuriCare are part of my support network and I wouldn’t be without them.

“Using SecuriCare’s home delivery service has been a breeze and the support they give is brilliant” - @katieemay1

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If you’d like to join Katie, Nathan and Samantha as SecuriCare customers you can join SecuriCare online or give us a call on 0808 256 5400 and we’ll be happy to help.

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