Spring Greens In My Step – Eating Habits With A Stoma

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I think of springtime as a fresh start for me. Two years ago I was having my permanent ileostomy surgery and becoming an official Barbie (without the skimpy clothes and plastic features). A step into the unknown and a forever choice which I made based solely on the fact that I knew my life couldn’t really ever improve without a permanent bag fixture… something that took me a long while to fully admit.

I look back now and appreciate how strong I was being…

At the time I was an emotional rollercoaster of stress, fear, horror, anxiety and hopeless angst towards the cards that I had been dealt. At the same time never wishing what I was going through on anyone else.

Now I better understand the chance at life my stoma has given me. 

It’s because of this that I take life with a spring in my step – I challenge myself, I understand what I’m capable of and more so what I am NOT capable of. I’m no less of a ‘go getter’ I just approach certain lines with caution and know the consequences if I step over them. 

I tend to teeter on the edge dancing with the disaster of eating peanuts or cabbage, risking it when having that extra portion of broccoli, and dicing with doom if I overeat sweetcorn… there’s a fine line, believe me! 

We laugh, but the consequences of a blockage or the feeling of being sluggish from eating seemingly healthy foods is somewhat terrifying and can make you feel miserable! 

This is something I would have liked to better understand pre-op but I guess as every ostomate is different it’s hard to give ‘a one size fits all’ advice at the best of times, never mind when discussing your new digestive system!

The pre-op me would have enjoyed lavish salads, luscious greens and grains, and knowing my body now, I’d actually be better off carb-loading with beige, soulless foods which do little to inspire, but come with minimal risk of a blockage for me, which I find totally odd!  

So, my advice is to go forth and try those spring greens with a side of cautious cocktails, and maybe on top of pizza with a side of cake… isn’t that called a ‘healthy balance’?

“We laugh, but the consequences of a blockage or the feeling of being sluggish from eating seemingly healthy foods is somewhat terrifying…” – Sam Melling

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by Sam Melling

Sam Melling

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