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Back when I was a child, if you were to ask my parents what career I would pursue they would have confidently answered, “Nurse”.

From the very early age of two or three years old, my most prized Christmas gift was a nurse’s outfit complete with cape.

At that time, my grandfather was in hospital and I proudly wore that outfit and told him, “Papa, I’ll look after you” and the nurses on the ward made me a paper nurse’s hat – I felt like a real nurse then – little did I realise that I would actually follow that career path.

Going on to study nursing after qualifying, I fondly remember the first ward sister I worked alongside, she really shaped the nurse that I am today. I found her scary back then, but with hindsight she was the fount of all knowledge.

The first ward sister I worked with really did inspire me to be the best I could be and to live by the quality of care I deliver and direct.

The key lessons that I thank her for:

  • never drop your standards, let people rise to yours
  • no question is a silly question
  • there is no such thing as basic nursing care
  • the professional touch – I’m very particular about things like beds being 180° to the walls, pillowcase openings facing away from doors, and so on. The list is immense. Although many around me may disagree that this is something to be thankful for!

To be a nurse does not necessarily mean to be face to face with patients on a daily basis…

I have been given so many opportunities to diversify, expand my skillset and further explore what value nursing can add in so many other aspects of delivering high quality, safe care to patients, which has led me to the role that I have today.

In this strange start to 2021, we are filled with hope that it will be a significant improvement on 2020, we have learned so much about our NHS, and of course ourselves as nurses, we are strong, we are resilient, and we will rise to the difficult challenges which face us daily.

Pamela White

Head of Clinical Governance & Regulatory Affairs

“We are strong, we are resilient, we will rise to the difficult challenges which face us daily” - Pamela White, Head of Clinical Governance & Regulatory Affairs

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