Meet SecuriCare Customer Service Team Member, Charlotte

by SecuriCare Team

Meet Securi Care Customer Service Team Member Charlotte

How long have you worked at SecuriCare?

I’ve been with SecuriCare for 18 months now, I started as a Trainee Customer Service Specialist and, after 7 months of training, became a Customer Service Specialist. I look after non-nurse areas so my patients are scattered all around the country. Before working at SecuriCare, I worked in the NHS, booking in appointments for Health Care Professionals and Nurses and before that I worked as a carer, so I’ve always been connected to healthcare really.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

I start off my day going through orders which need to be dispatched the next day, making sure I have all the necessary paperwork and everything is in order, whilst dealing with incoming queries. I then call the doctors surgeries to request prescriptions, before spending the rest of the day calling my patients to check if they need to order any supplies.

What are your highlights of working at SecuriCare?

I had one patient who became pregnant whilst she had a stoma and I really enjoyed being there as a support system for her when she had any concerns. It was really great to go through that journey with her - I even suggested she name the baby Charlotte seeing as the name was becoming so popular with the naming of Princess Charlotte, but she politely declined. I had another patient who was having a really difficult time with his stoma and was having issues for around 16 months, I helped and supported him over the whole period, right up until he had his reversal - we still catch up every now and then which is really lovely. I guess I just like being able to turn someone’s frown upside-down, that’s what makes this job so rewarding.

Do you have a favourite patient?

I wouldn’t say favourites, but I am particularly fond of some of my patients as we’ve been talking to each other for so long, they’re almost like family! I would love to be able to put faces to names though - I know that’s how a lot of our patients feel too, that’s why they love receiving the Christmas card as it’s got all our faces on it!

What’s the funniest question you’ve been asked?

I would say no question is a bad question, I’ve heard them all before so ask away!

What’s it like working at SecuriCare?

It’s very busy! The office has a great atmosphere and we’re like a family really, everyone adds something to the team. Although I’ve been here for 18 months I still learn something new every day which is what makes it so great.

If you were a stoma bag, which one would you be?

I’d be a Mini Aura (Manuka honey) flushable bag. Because I’m sweet, my surname is Honey (so that’s fitting), I like to think I’m environmentally friendly and I’m short :)

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