Meet A SecuriCare Stoma Care Nurse: Tyesha Wilson

Meet The Team Tye

Name: Tyesha Wilson 

Job Title: Community Stoma Care Nurse 

Community: Leicester

Tell us about your background

I’ve been working for SecuriCare for 6 months and am really enjoying the position. Prior to this, I worked within district nursing and I also spent 9 months working as a disability assessor. I studied nursing in Sheffield and qualified in 2014.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Although it can be challenging, working as a Stoma Care Nurse is also incredibly rewarding and really gives me a sense that I’m making a positive difference in the lives of my patients. The opportunity to integrate within the community and to meet new people is not something offered by most jobs, so I really do value that part of the role.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team here at Securicare so far and learning about the care and management of stomas in such detail. I look forward to meeting many more patients and helping them enjoy a greater quality of life where possible.

What sort of responsibilities are involved with your role?

My role within the team involves seeing patients after their surgery to give support, advice and reassurance, as this can be a daunting time for anybody after a major procedure. I see patients in both their home and within a confidential clinic setting. I also see patients that have had stomas for many years, for reviews which enable them to discuss any concerns or issues they might have, and to help them find solutions. Occasionally I also work in the hospital seeing patients immediately after their surgery, to teach them how to manage their stoma.

In addition to my patient contact time I also run training sessions with healthcare assistants and carers delivering the relevant knowledge they need to provide support to their own patients with stomas.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy family days out and trips to the cinema or local park with my daughter. My absolute favourite hobby is baking (when I find the time)! I also love going on holiday and getting some extra Vitamin D!

“I look forward to meeting many more patients and helping them enjoy a greater quality of life where possible.” – Tyesha

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by SecuriCare Team

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