Managing My Mental Health During Lockdown

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As I write this blog we are in week two of the COVID-19 lockdown and that means home-schooling two kids who are at very different educational levels. My daughter, Lyra-Beth, is six-years-old and at key stage one. My son, Jacob, is nearly three. This means there is very little I can do with them together. Thankfully my husband, 00Steve, is also at home because I really do think I would lose the plot otherwise!

I was really looking forward to having Lyra-Beth at home and to spending some quality time with her, but I was also terrified of letting her down educationally.

In all honesty, I already feel like I am because I have no patience, plus I’m struggling with my physical health and on top of that, my mental health has taken a dip. Like I said I am so thankful for 00Steve - he can help lighten the load as he has a bit more patience than I do with certain things so we are able to swap, change and give each other a break. I am quite lucky that Lyra-Beth’s teacher is at the end of an email if I need more help, but I have learnt that my daughter is an all or nothing kind of kid just like her dad …and it drives me INSANE.

I have also lost my running mojo and that has really upset me because on my last day of Couch to 5K, I ran 10K.

I’ve been training since January and have worked so hard to get to that point and I really don’t want to feel like it has been for nothing, but I’m just struggling to find my get up and go. I’m not the biggest fan of being told when I can and can’t do things – I know, I’m such an anarchist. Whilst this lockdown is on I already feel like I’m taking the mick because as a carer, I’m classified as a key worker and I have to go out four times a day.

I have started trying to take things slower and I now spend a lot of my free time away from work, home schooling and generally being in my family’s pockets, by playing on my Xbox in my bedroom!

I also have a few series to watch like the last series of Criminal Minds - I can’t stress enough how having a distraction during this time can help with your mental health. For those of you that actually like to socialise (I am very much an introvert!) technology is a beautiful thing. You can Face Time, create WhatsApp group chats, or use the House Party app where you can have a virtual brew like me and my mum-friends do every Friday morning, like we would have done if we weren’t in lockdown. I am aware that keeping in touch with my friends will help prevent my mental health from deteriorating so I am trying to keep talking. All in all I am doing what I can to keep my mental health from hitting rock bottom, which means I will  be able to keep on top of my self-care  and I am certain my peristomal skin will appreciate that for sure! The skin around my stoma is generally the first thing that suffers when my mental health drops because I just eek out the days until I have to change my bag otherwise!

“The skin around my stoma is generally the first thing that suffers when my mental health drops…” - @colitistoostomy

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by Stephie Simpson

Stephie Simpson

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I’m Stephie - a mum, wife and punk rock ostomate, blessed to be from North Yorkshire. I'll be writing about different campaigns that can help ostomates & general lifestyle posts.

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