Introducing Gary Davidson – Paralympian, Active Sportsman And Brand Ambassador For Curan Man

Gary Davidson

I’m more used to presenting my story face to face than I am in writing so… let’s see how this goes shall we?

My name is Gary and I’ve been a sportsman since 1975, competing at the highest levels throughout the world

I’ve represented Scotland at swimming, table tennis, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby union and represented Great Britain at the 1984 Paralympics playing wheelchair basketball. I still compete and enjoy playing basketball with Glasgow Rocks Wheelchair team where I am Head Coach. I also help develop wheelchair sport throughout Scotland, attending schools and sporting events. I introduced CliniMed (SecuriCare’s sister company) to wheelchair basketball in Scotland and they now sponsor the CliniMed Scottish Basketball Championship League.

As an athlete with a disability I’ve learnt to be practical and had to use my resilience to face up to the challenges in life

One of those challenges has always been to find adequate facilities to self-catheterise, safely and as hygienically as possible. It’s not easy when there’s no running water, or the standards of cleanliness are completely neglected - never mind up to a clinical standard. I’ve seen it all.

I have been traveling for sport to unfamiliar sporting facilities and hotel rooms for years, and it’s always taken that little bit more planning when, as you might imagine, you’re not only competing on the court - but also for the most convenient facility with other disabled athletes who have the same constraints.

In February 2018 I discovered CliniMed had a suitable product for me: Curan Man

Using Curan Man made an immediate difference for me. I find it so convenient in the face of travelling to old and dirty schools or sport centres that were, let’s face it, never designed with disabilities in mind.

I can fold the Curan Man away with more ease than my previous catheter, which helps with packing and keeping them discretely with me at all times. The other advantage is that the Curan Man comes with its own lubricant so I’m not messing about finding a tap, and it’s more hygienic. This is important because I’m more vulnerable to urinary tract infections so it’s vital I minimise risk, I wouldn’t want to be side-lined from my favourite sport, wheelchair basketball.

I’ve played wheelchair basketball in many countries and have struggled at times with the lack of disabled facilities

I would’ve found it so much easier had the Curan Man been available to me back then. I also now use SecuriCare home delivery service which is so convenient for me as they deliver to your door and I can keep a good stock of supplies at hand. They are also able to work with GP surgeries who offer the electronic prescription service – meaning your repeat prescription is sent directly from your GP to SecuriCare.

I’ve decided to be a brand ambassador for Curan Man and would encourage other athletes who self-catheterise to give it a try, there is a female version available too.

CliniMed are sponsoring my wheelchair basketball team, Glasgow Rocks, this season.

I’m so up for the challenge of moving up through the league, and soon participating with my younger team mates on the European stage. I’m hopeful that we’ll accomplish our goals and CliniMed, SecuriCare and Curan Man will be with me all the way!


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“I’m more vulnerable to urinary tract infections so it’s vital I minimise risk, I wouldn’t want to be side-lined from wheelchair basketball.” - @rockswheelchair

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by Gary Davidson

Gary Davidson

About the author

Gary Davidson is an active sportsman who has competed at the Paralympics for both Scotland and Great Britain over the years. Gary has spina bifida, and carries out self-catheterisation. You can follow him on twitter @rockswheelchair.

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