Cinderella With A Stoma – The Girl With The Golden Hair

Cinderella And The Stoma – The Girl With The Golden Hair

Throughout my years as an ostomate I have encountered some of the nicest human beings on earth.

Individuals that have dedicated their time to help lift the lives of others, genuine and beautiful people, but at some point, I have encountered the worst too.

Believe me when I say they do exist in the deepest darkest crevices of our path, waiting to suck the soul out of your stoma… yes, I have met a few and usually the story begins like this.

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, lived a girl whose hair was made of gold.

When the people in the village saw her they said, “Oh, how beautiful!”

But they were less fortunate. So, every night the people of the village creeped into the house where the girl slept and cut off a piece of her golden hair.

“She’ll never even notice,” they said.

 Soon the day came when all the girl’s golden locks were gone and the girl got sick. When the people of the village saw her they said, “Oh, she’s not beautiful at all.”

And they took her from the house and drove her into the street, and the girl disappeared. The people soon became hungry again and they went back into the house night after night looking for gold but there was nobody there.

Until one day the girl came back, healthier with a full head of gold.

The people of the village begged her to return to the house, but instead she knocked it down and built a new house… with a new lock, where nobody could sneak in anymore.

Moral of the story, if somebody cannot accept you at your worst, don’t let them have you at your best.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by many people who accept me, who are proud to walk by my side through the worst of times, but with each new friendship I make, I will remember to watch out for the opportunists who are only looking for golden hair… if you catch my drift.

It is also important not to confuse ignorant people with inquisitive people, not everybody has the knowledge of what a stoma is and sometimes the questions you may face are just their way of gaining an understanding of the ostomy world.

I mean, it wasn’t until my colonoscopy that I realized myself that an intestine/colon and bowel were not three separate things, so I was probably just as guilty of asking stupid questions. But at least I still have one up on my brother… who thinks the sun turns into the moon at night!

“If somebody cannot accept you at your worst, don’t let them have you at your best.” – Rachael Kin

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by Rachael Kin

Rachael Kin

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My name is Rachael, I'm an ostomate, mumma and wine taster (I think just the first two count?) I have an ileostomy stoma called Sheila and we are inseparable, literally. This is our journey... I am a novice blogger but an expert in origami, so if my humour fails me, I can always make you a hat? Follow me on Instagram!

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