8 Things You’ll Only Know If It Took A Long Time For You To Be Diagnosed With IBD

8 Things You’Ll Only Know If It Took A Long Time For You To Be Diagnosed With Ibd

More than 300,000 people in the UK alone are affected by IBD.


“But that's the statistic, how can you argue with that?” you may ask.

I say maybe because, for many of us who have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, our actual diagnosis was way overdue…so how many more sufferers are actually out there?

You know what I'm talking about, being misdiagnosed with 'women's troubles' when inflammation was mistaken for period cramps. Or, God forbid, the IBS diagnosis which comes only at the point of needing major bowel surgery.

Sure, even the best doctors aren’t infallible and there's inevitably going to be some misdiagnosis because stomach cramps are a symptom of so many different things. But let's be honest, that logic doesn't make it any easier to cope whilst you’re waiting to be diagnosed.

So, this World IBD Day, in empathy with all those who have been there / done that,

Here are 8 things you'll 'get' if it took a long time for you to be diagnosed with IBD.

  1. At one point, you practically lived at the doctor’s surgery. And you always came in with the exact same symptoms.
  2. Which meant your doctor would often assume you were over-exaggerating. Of course you weren't, but they've just seen three patients in a row with man-flu. At least one of them really didn't need to take the day off work.
  3. You didn't know where you belonged. You'd speculatively self-diagnosed IBD and perhaps joined some online groups for support - but you often felt a bit of a fraud and couldn’t connect because you hadn't received a formal diagnosis.
  4. You'd been on many unnecessary tablets. Like laxatives when you had diarrhoea. Where's the connection?
  5. And worried way more than necessary. Dr. Google is your worst enemy. Stomach cramps? You're dying. At least having a diagnosis means you know what you're dealing with.
  6. When you finally received an actual diagnosis, it was because of a severe symptom. You know all those times you self-diagnosed near-death thanks to Dr Google? This time, you were right.
  7. So of course, you treated yourself to a triumphant “I told you so!” It's a satisfying feeling, knowing the people who told you to "get over it" were totally wrong and therefore completely insensitive.
  8. But most of all, you’ve never felt relief quite like it. Because, finally, an IBD diagnosis means you know where you stand and you can start to deal with things efficiently.

"For many of us, our diagnosis was way overdue, so how many more IBD sufferers are actually out there?" - Hattie

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by Hattie Gladwell

Hattie Gladwell

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An aspiring writer and musician from West Sussex. Currently recovering from Ileostomy Surgery, I am going to be sharing with you my most inner thoughts and personal experiences which can also be found on the website I run, over at http://morethanyourbag.com.

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