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We pride ourselves in putting you first – and because you are given your own customer service contact, you can be sure of a personal service.

"I joined SecuriCare in September 2009 as a Customer Development Specialist having already had 14 years of customer service experience. My job centres on taking customers’ orders and dealing with their queries in order to ensure they have the medical supplies they need, exactly when they need them. I look after customers in Scotland and Northern England and have been able to develop great working relationships with many of them. I really enjoy working for SecuriCare. I find that it is a very rewarding job as I am able to help people on a daily basis."

"After a 28-year career in retail I decided to join SecuriCare in April 2008. Since joining as a Customer Development Specialist I have developed a good rapport with my patients in Hereford and Buckinghamshire. I speak to them on a daily basis and we often meet at open days or through visits to the office. My goal is to make their lives less challenging by ensuring their supplies are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. I am proud to be part of the SecuriCare team."

"Since joining SecuriCare in May 2008, I have looked after many patients in London and Scotland. I currently liaise with over five hundred customers; many of whom I have been speaking to since the beginning. I have built up positive and trusting relationships with all of my patients and am always happy to help with any concerns they have. I find my job very rewarding through working closely with people to aid them in benefiting from our excellent product range. The good product knowledge I have built up means I can answer any queries promptly and accurately."

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New Customers: 0800 585 125
Existing Customers: 0800 318 965

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