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Stoma Care Accessories

CliniMed Essentials Accessories are a range of innovative products to help provide relief and reassurance.

 HydroFrame® with Manuka honey  
Product: HydroFrame® with Manuka honey
Description: Flange extenders, designed to add extra security and comfort to pouches. Medical grade Manuka honey added to our skin-friendly Hyperflex hydrocolloid may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma.  
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 HydroFrame® Mini with Manuka honey   
Product: HydroFrame® Mini with Manuka honey
Description:Offering the same security as our traditional HydroFrame with Manuka honey product, but in a smaller size.  
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 Hyperseal® washers with Manuka honey  
Product: Hyperseal® washers with Manuka honey
Description: Available in several sizes and suitable for all types of stomas, Hyperseal washers can be moulded, stretched and shaped around crevices, fistulas and scar tissue for security from leaks. With the added comfort of Manuka honey, they are gentle on vulnerable and sensitive skin.
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 Welland Stoma Paste 
Product: Welland Stoma Paste
Description: Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free paste for safe, secure stoma bag application. Fills gaps and seals the skin, creating a smooth surface in the problematic area surrounding stomas to increase stoma bag wear time and prevent leaks.
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Product: Limone®
Description: An odour neutralising ostomy spray with a light refreshing fragrance of lemon and lime. Available in a 50ml aerosol that will last for three months. Pocket-sized for ultimate discretion. 
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Product: Ostagel®
Description: An antibacterial hand cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and moisturised. Available in sachets or a 100ml bottle. Not suitable for direct application to your stoma. 
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Product: Morform®
Description: Designed to gel the contents of a stoma pouch, particularly for very liquid output. Reduce pouch bulging and noise plus improve comfort and allow longer between pouch changes.
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New Customers: 0800 585 125
Existing Customers: 0800 318 965

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