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Continence Skin Care

LBF and Appeel Sterile are no-sting skin care products that use healthcare grade silicones to offer skin protection for those with incontinence. LBF provides a durable barrier on the skin to protect it from urine and faeces, whilst Appeel Sterile helps to quickly and easily remove any medical adhesive device from the skin.


To protect skin from bodily fluids, many patients use a protective skin barrier as part of their continence care regime. LBF Barrier Cream comes in a skin friendly moisturising formulation that protects the skin from urine and faeces whilst ensuring it will not block incontinence pads. LBF Sterile Barrier Film is suitable for both intact and broken skin and leaves a no-sting transparent film that not only protects skin, but also provides an ideal application base for the adhesion of sheaths and other medical devices.

Product: LBF Barrier Cream
Description: 12-hour waterproof, non-blocking formulation and a choice of sizes, including single-use sachets or tubes.

Product: NEW LBF Sterile Barrier Film Spray
Description: Can be applied without touching skin directly; ideal for sore and delicate skin. The spray remains sterile for every application, making it suitable for use on broken skin. Apply from any angle without a cold sensation.


Product: LBF Sterile Barrier Film Foam Applicator and Barrier Film Wipes.
Description: Individually packaged, ideal for single patient use. Comfortable precision application.


Appeel Sterile®

Appeel Sterile Medical Adhesive Remover removes medical adhesive devices from any part of the body quickly and easily, helping to reduce skin trauma and pain in those with delicate skin. Appeel Sterile is suitable for use on both intact and broken skin, having a skin friendly no-sting formulation that is alcohol, preservative and fragrance free. It is available on NHS prescription and is excellent for aiding the removal of continence care devices such as sheaths.

Product: Appeel Sterile Medical Adhesive Remover Spray
Description: No cold sensation, apply from any angle without directly touching the skin – ideal for skin that is too sore to touch and sheath removal. Remains sterile for every application.


Product: Appeel Sterile Medical Adhesive Remover Foam Applicator and Wipes.
Description: Remove medical adhesive devices with precision. Individually packaged for single use and conveniently pocket sized.


Product: Appeel Sterile Medical Adhesive Remover Liquid Sachet
Description: Unique to the Appeel Sterile range, this easy to use and individually packaged liquid sachet enables a no touch application in a single use, pocket sized presentation.


New Customers: 0800 585 125
Existing Customers: 0800 318 965

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