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2016 NHS ‘Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire’ Survey Results for PharmaCare

Green pencil checking off tick boxes

Each year, PharmaCare is required to publish a ‘Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire’ survey to NHS England demonstrating the level of satisfaction with the service we provide to our patients. Every community pharmacy registered in England must meet this requirement.

PharmaCare’s survey was carried out using a standard NHS questionnaire and letter of invitation to take part in the survey. PharmaCare sent the questionnaire to 488 randomly selected patients on the 14th October 2016. By the 14th November 2016, we had received 206 completed questionnaires. With a response rate of 42%, this easily exceeded the NHS England requirement for us to obtain at least 50 responses.

The results of the survey were extremely encouraging. Taking everything into account, the PharmaCare service was rated positively by over 94% of the respondents. Over 62% of the respondents described the service as ‘Excellent’ which was the highest available rating. Only 3 customers rated the overall service as ‘Fair’.

It was very pleasing that 95% of the respondents submitted a positive rating of the Pharmacist’s ability to be polite and listen to patients. Over 88% of these respondents gave a rating of ‘Very Good’ which was the highest available rating, 3 customers chose a less satisfied option.

Rating the ease of being able to speak to a Pharmacist, 86% of patients responded positively. 75% gave a rating of ‘Very Good’ which was the highest available rating, 5 customers gave a less satisfied answer (2.5%).The less satisfied customers commented that they'd like better availability on the phone lines. To address this, a new full-time Dispensing Technician has been added to the team with the aim to allow the Pharmacist more time on the phones.

Asked, ‘If the patient used another NHS service, how satisfied were they with the time it took to provide this service?’ 60% responded positively. 55% said they were ‘Very satisfied’ which was the highest available rating. There were 4 patients who opted for a less satisfied answer (2.0%).

Pharmacy shelves with medicines

PharmaCare’s Pharmacist, Janki Rao, commented, “I am very pleased with the outcome of the survey as this reflects the hard work and dedication shown by our team. I would like to thank our customers for their feedback as this helps us to develop and tailor the service to their needs. In light of the results, we have recently expanded our facilities as well the Pharmacy team in order to accommodate our growing business, and to provide customers with better access to the service“

Demographics: Age Range

20-24 0.5 %
25-64 34.5 %
65-75 31.0 %
76-85 26.0 %
85+ 7.0 %
Unspecified 1.0 %

Demographics: Gender

Female 51.5 %
Male 47.0 %
Unspecified 1.5 %

Demographics: Who do you obtain a prescription for?

Yourself 85.0 %
Someone else 1.0 %
Both 11.0 %
Unspecified 3.0%


New Customers: 0800 585 125
Existing Customers: 0800 318 965

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